Special Services

Special Services Office
Director:  Debby Gill
Process Coordinator:  Debby Gill
Secretary:  Joey Yallaly
Phone:  (816) 776-6912

The Special Services Office is located within the Richmond R-XVI School District Central Office, and provides leadership and support for the various programs within each building.  The following programs are specifically under the direction of this office:

Special Education
        Parent Bill of Rights

Foster Care
Foster Care point of contact:
Debby Gill, Director of Special Services

Title I

Homebound Instruction
instruction is a service available to Richmond R-XVI School District students ages 3 to 21, who, because of their medical and/or psychological condition(s), require instruction outside of school: 1) as a result of hospitalization (homebound to be given after hospitalization) or 2) as a result of a medical/psychological condition which prevents their school attendance for an extended time. Please contact Debby Gill in the Central Office at 816-776-6912 for more information.

Homeless Education Program
Every morning as we wake up thousands children in Missouri wake up homeless. The impact of homelessness on children is difficult to measure but not difficult to imagine.We see the value and potential in each child--because what is possible for one child to become or achieve, is possible for every child – given the support and opportunities.Education can play a significant role in meeting the needs of homeless children and youth, providing an environment that supports their physical, social, and emotional growth.By providing children, youth and their families with resources and support to achieve stability and the confidence for success in school, homeless education programs have significantly improved the odds that today’s homeless children do not have to be tomorrow’s homeless adults.Click here for more information or contact the District Homeless Coordinator, Debby Gill, at 816-776-6912