Dear Elementary Media Center

Our library is the educational heart of our school. It is also an important part of a child's education. Our ever-growing collection includes fiction, easy-to-read fiction, non-fiction, biography, and reference books. A comfortable reading area and a generous classroom work space make our Library a special place where students will want to spend time learning and enjoying their favorite books. 


October 7 - 11
October 10 - Family Night: 5pm to 7pm


Book Care and Checkout Policy Bookcare
  1. Have clean hands when handling a book.
  2. Do not eat or drink when reading.
  3. Turn pages carefully using the upper right corner of each page.
  4. Use a bookmark do not bend page corners.
  5. Do not lay books down on open pages.
  6. Never write, color, or scribble in a book that does not belong to you.
  7. Keep books away from younger brothers, sisters and pets.
  8. Have a safe place to put your book so it won't get lost or damaged. We recommend a book bag or high shelf.
  9. Return books on time
  10. Protect books in bad weather. 

Checkout Policy

Students may check out one book at a time. Students may return and exchange books at any time. Past due notices for overdue books will be issued at each class time. Lost or damaged books must be paid for or check-out privileges will be revoked.

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