Tammy Kugler

Mrs. Tammy Kugler, Expanded Horizons

Definition of Gifted Learners:

Missouri law defines gifted children as ‘those children who exhibit precocious development of mental capacity and learning potential as determined by competent professional evaluation to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation could best be served by an academic environment beyond that offered through a standard grade level curriculum.”

A learner who:

  • exhibits precocious capacity and learning potential;

  • is identified by competent professionals; and

  • needs an academic environment beyond standard grade level curriculum.

Richmond R-XVI gifted program (Expanded Horizons) serves students, kindergarten through 8th grade. The goal of the program is to provide students identified as gifted with academic activities and experiences not presented in the regular classroom or supplemental activities to enhance the educational experience in the regular classroom. 

Gifted Learner Outcomes

Gifted Program 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Transfer Gifted Student Policy

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