The Foundation was established in 1999 to help provide a financial outreach from the School District to the community. It is designed to generate a solid fiscal base for promoting and supporting quality education for the youth of the Richmond R-XVI School District.

Those who serve the Foundation provide their services voluntarily, whether it be on the board of trustees, or helping in various other ways.

Funds to meet the Foundation’s purpose are generated in two ways:

  • Volunteer charitable contributions

  • Various fundraising activities conducted by the Foundation.

The Richmond R-XVI Wall of Honor

Richmond Education Foundation invites you to nominate candidates for the Richmond R-XVI Wall of Honor. The Wall of Honor award recognizes individuals who uphold the values, traditions and successes of the Richmond R-XVI School District. Honorees and their accomplishments will inspire and encourage District patrons and students to do the same.

Richmond Education Foundation Members

  • Jonathon Renfro - President

  • Danielle Rogers - Vice-President

  • Nicole Yoakum - Secretary (ex-officio)

  • Lisa Didier - Member

  • April Martin - Member

  • Karmen Dooley - Member and Board Representative

  • Amy Wirsig - Member

  • Bryan Copple - Superintendent (ex-officio)